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The S5 News Display module is demo'd at the top of this page.  As first released in the News Link template we bring it back this month with some modifications to the layout 2 option.  This option gives the read more text a button and on hover over displays a pause/play image.  NOTE:  These modifications are only available in the layout 2 option via the Joomla admin of this module.  If you select any other option it will display like the News Link demo of this module.

List of Features:

  • Main layout option (number 2 in the admin of the module) :

  • 5 Additional layout options:

  • Set height and width for text, image and module
  • Pulls content from up to 10 published content articles
  • Choose ordering by random, most recent, ordering, most popular, etc.
  • Set lengths of titles and text
  • Full control of text padding
  • Choose from any colors you wish
  • Set your own display times
  • Play, pause and direct links
  • Hyperlink directly to the content page
  • Fully powered by S5 Effects

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Adjust the settings as desired in the module manager. Change your layout, width, height transition speed, text lengths, colors, etc. to whatever settings you wish. Once you have completed this it's time to enter the images into your content items.

Tagging and image to a content item:

  • Edit any content article that you wish and look for the html source button, most editors will look similar to this:

  • Once you have located the button you will need to enter the following code at the very top of the article's code:

    <span style="display:none" class="s5_nd_image">http://www.yoursite.com/image.jpg</span>

    Enter the code exactly as you see it except change the url with the exact url of your image. You can use jpg's, gif's or png's

  • Once you have the code in place simply save the article and repeat the process for all the articles you wish to display in the module. The module's code will do the rest!

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